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Dongfang Hospital Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Dongfang Hospital is the second clinical medical college of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM) , a unit directly under the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SATCM), and an A-level tertiary traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) hospital well-known for its uniqueness and excellence in providing a wide range of services in the arena of medical treatment, teaching, research, prevention and health consultation. It is an affiliated hospital of BUCM, one of “211 Project” universities directly subordinated to the Ministry of Education, and was designated as the municipal medical insurance contract hospital in Beijing.

Dongfang Hospital has 715 beds and plans to open a total of 1200 beds during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. There are now more than 7000 daily outpatient visits on average in the hospital. With a total of 39 clinical departments, the Hospital has a powerful technical force and offers diagnostic and therapeutic care with Chinese medicine as its focus, and adopts integrated traditional and western medicine.

The Hospital has six national clinical key specialty TCM construction units directed by the Ministry of Health (MOH), namely the Department of Cardiology, the Department of Cerebropathy, the Department of Gynaecology,Department of Pulmonology, Department of Spleen and stomach disease and science of nursery of traditional Chinese medicine. It has fourteen key special programs (diseases) under SATCM. It has ten unique TCM diagnosis and treatment centers in Beijing. At same time, the hospital is National Health Stroke screening and prevention base of MOH, Beijing traditional Chinese medicine practitioners standardization training base, Beijing traditional Chinese medicine residents standardization training base, Beijing Municipal Traditional Chinese Medical Record and Quality Control Center and Beijing Traditional Chinese medicine technology quality control center.

Dongfang Hospital has the internal medicine of traditional Chinese medicine etc six Ministry of Education key level three subject. The Hospital’s laboratory was named as Level-3 laboratory of cellular and molecular technology by SATCM. Besides, the national famous and old TCM doctor inheritance working station, the national TCM academic genre Yanjing Wei Ophthalmology genre inheritance working station, Beijing “Torch Project” famous and old TCM doctor such as Prof. Yang Jiasan, Prof. Liu Bichen, Prof. Liu Jiazhen, Prof. Wang Yongyan, Prof. Wei Yuying, Prof. Wang Pei and Prof. Zhou Pingan construction unit of academic inheritance research are set up in the Hospital.

As the second clinical medical college of BUCM, the College has now 11 graduate recruitment programs, such as internal medicine of Chinese medicine. The post-doctorate mobile station of Chinese medicine and integrated Chinese and western medicine has been built up in the college with 6 doctorate degree and 11 master degree awarding units. Nowadays, the College has assumed the teaching tasks of 5-year program and 7-year program research orientation classes at BUCM, and the clinical orientation classes as well as the graduation practice in the joint biomedicine dual-degree program of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM) - Singapore Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Dongfang Hospital takes “skillful physicians should be earnest and sincere”; “to save one’s life and help the wounded”; and “to put the patients in the first place” as its philosophy. It takes “to improve constantly”; “to base on the integrity”; and “to propagate the quintessence of China”; and “to develop and innovate” as its concept. It strives to serve the patients whole-heartedly.